Our team works hard to make the best out of everything for our clients. After 25 years of experience in music productions, 18 years with YouTube, 12 years of which as a YouTube MCN, we trust that we are one of the most powerful MCN’s geared towards increasing your revenues, with a passion especially for musicians/beat makers on YouTube.

Our philosophy is to assume the view of a creator, a beat producer or an artist. Our team, as well as myself, the founder of EXMGE, created their own (music) content on YouTube in the past and sometimes still today. Therefore we know exactly what to focus on and how important the business between producers and their clients is. Fast personal support and occasional consulting are crucial, especially in difficult situations as they may arise sometimes. We offer suitable solutions for all of the above.

Since we were founded in 2012, more than 93% of our clients have maintained their partnership agreements with us, an absolute benchmark in MCN Industry! EXMGE is steadily growing year by year. We constantly develop new features and listen to the feedback of our clients in hundreds of countries all over the world. Our passion is creativity, yours and ours. Many of our partners have become personal friends with members of our team over the years, because we love close and personal contact. We especially love audio, visual and audiovisual art.
Our purpose is to further and support all of the above.

CEO & Founder